It's kind of amazing how a lap dance takes the magnificent form of a man closing his leg and a lady kneeling. Since the guy may caress his girlfriend while she is straddling him, it allows for considerably greater closeness.

1. Lap Dance

The man is seated on the edge of the bed. Then, as she reclines, the man takes her hands. The man will have an excellent view from this incredible location.

2. Mastery

Both participants in the sex position kneel so that the male can enter passionately from behind. In order for the male to enter freely, the woman separates her leg.

3. The Teaspoons

The woman should sit on the edge of the bed, and the guy should kneel on the floor to achieve this posture. The woman then encircles the back of the male with her legs. With his hands now around his woman's butt, the man carefully stands up. 

4. Stand and Carry

The woman should be lifted by the male, who is seated upright in a high chair, and placed with her head between the knees. The man cautiously stands up after the two of you have wrapped your arms around each other's backs and the woman has wrapped her legs around her lover's neck.

5. Standing

In this recognisable stance. She should be sitting with her feet on the man's shoulders. Nothing to divert your attention from the exquisite pleasure of the man's tongue here.

6. Spread Eagle

Finding a sturdy chair can be the most difficult aspect of this situation. The male is squatting on the chair behind the woman while she straddles it. The man has to have a lot of strength and balance to pull this off.

7. Pump

This rear entry, standing position is not new to the list of sex positions. It is exciting to both men and women because it provides a sensation of being by a guard taken. Additionally, it offers a lot of sexual pleasure because it can strike the G-spot properly.

8. Prison Guard

There is a lot of deep, strong penetration and G-Spot stimulation in this position.

9. Pile Driver

Popular passive sex positions include this sex position. This posture is ideal for a leisurely passionate encounter. The fact that the lovers are close to one another and thus more intimate is one of the nicest aspects of this situation.

10. Lotus

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