Wakefit Mattress: A Comprehensive Review of Comfort and Durability

A good night’s sleep is a universal desire, and it all starts with the right mattress. With the plethora of options available in the market, finding the perfect mattress can be a daunting task. However, the Wakefit Mattress has gained significant attention in the world of sleep products, boasting a 10-year warranty and a unique blend of materials designed for superior comfort and support. In this in-depth review, we will explore the Wakefit Mattress in detail, covering its key features, materials, benefits, and user perspectives to help you make an informed decision when considering your next mattress purchase.

Introduction to the Wakefit Mattress

The Wakefit Mattress is engineered to revolutionize your sleep experience with its innovative combination of materials and thoughtful construction. This premium mattress is available in a king-size variant, measuring 78 x 72 x 8 inches, providing ample space and comfort for couples. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing mattress or embark on the search for a new one, the Wakefit Mattress offers a medium-firm feel that caters to a wide range of sleep preferences.

Key Features of Wakefit Mattress

1. ErgoTech EcoLatex Layer

At the core of the Wakefit Mattress lies the ErgoTech EcoLatex Layer, a natural latex sheet with seven distinct zones. This unique design is engineered to provide targeted support to different parts of your body, ensuring proper spinal alignment and reducing the risk of back pain and discomfort. Natural latex is renowned for its durability and resilience, guaranteeing that your mattress retains its shape and support for years to come.

2. ShapeSense Ortho Memory Foam

Situated above the latex layer is the ShapeSense Ortho Memory Foam, which offers exceptional comfort and pressure relief. Memory foam conforms to your body’s contours, enveloping you in a cocoon of softness while alleviating pressure points. This layer introduces an extra dimension of plushness to the mattress, making it ideal for those who seek a harmonious balance between support and cushioning.

3. Responsive Support Layer

Beneath the memory foam, the Responsive Support Layer acts as a transitional zone, ensuring a seamless shift from the softer upper layers to the sturdy base. This layer prevents the sensation of “sinking in” too deeply while preserving the mattress’s structural integrity.

4. ResiPro Foam Base

The foundation of the Wakefit Mattress is the ResiPro Foam Base, providing a stable and robust support system. This layer guarantees that the mattress maintains its form, even with prolonged usage. The intricate blend of materials in the Wakefit Mattress strikes a delicate equilibrium between support and comfort, making it suitable for individuals with varying body types and sleep preferences.

5. 7-Zone Design Layer Made from Natural Latex

One of the standout features of the Wakefit Mattress is its 7-zone design layer composed of natural latex. This layer’s zoning ensures that different areas of your body receive customized support, promoting ideal spinal alignment and diminishing the risk of discomfort and pain. The use of natural latex enhances not only the mattress’s longevity but also provides a hypoallergenic sleeping surface, making it an excellent choice for those prone to allergies.

6. Removable and Washable Cover

Maintaining the hygiene and freshness of your mattress is paramount for a restful night’s sleep. The Wakefit Mattress includes a removable outer cover crafted from breathable premium fabric. This cover offers not only comfort but also ease of cleaning. Simply unzip it and toss it in the washing machine to ensure your mattress remains free of dust mites, allergens, and stains.

Sizing and Thickness of Wakefit Mattress

The Wakefit Mattress is available in a king-size variant, measuring 78 x 72 x 8 inches (198.12 cms x 182.88 cms x 20.32 cms). This size provides an ample sleeping surface, ideal for couples who value space and comfort. The mattress boasts an 8-inch thickness (20.32 cm), offering the necessary support for individuals with different body weights.

It is crucial to consider mattress thickness when making a selection. Wakefit recommends an 8-inch (20.32 cm) thickness if even one of the sleepers weighs over 80 kg. However, if both sleepers weigh less than 80 kg and one of them falls in the 60-80 kg range, a 6-inch (15.24 cm) mattress thickness suffices. This guidance ensures that the mattress delivers the appropriate level of support and durability based on the users’ weight distribution.

Warranty and Additional Benefits of Wakefit Mattress

The Wakefit Mattress is accompanied by an impressive 10-year manufacturer warranty, highlighting the brand’s confidence in the mattress’s durability and quality. This warranty offers peace of mind and long-term satisfaction with your purchase.

In addition to the warranty, the Wakefit Mattress offers several other benefits that enhance its value:

  • Technological Innovations for Excellent Back Support: The seven-zone design and the amalgamation of materials in the Wakefit Mattress are expressly engineered to provide exceptional back support. Whether you have a history of back pain or simply desire proper spinal alignment during sleep, this mattress is designed to meet your needs.
  • Do-It-Yourself Assembly: The Wakefit Mattress is designed for effortless setup, allowing you to assemble it yourself without the need for professional assistance.
  • Reusable Roll Back Bag: The mattress is conveniently packaged in a reusable roll-back bag, simplifying transportation and storage if necessary.

Aesthetic and Practical Considerations of Wakefit Mattress

The Wakefit Mattress showcases a clean and minimalist design, featuring a tight top finish in classic white. This neutral color scheme effortlessly complements any bedroom decor, enabling you to personalize your sleep space to your liking.

To ensure the mattress’s longevity and performance, it is essential to follow some care instructions provided by Wakefit. Avoid storing the mattress vertically, as this can lead to deformities over time. Additionally, prevent water spillage on the mattress, as excess moisture can compromise the materials. Finally, use the mattress on an even surface to maintain its structural integrity.

User Perspectives of Wakefit Mattress

To provide a comprehensive review, let’s incorporate insights from users who have experienced the Wakefit Mattress:

Comfort and Durability

Several users have praised the Wakefit Mattress for its exceptional comfort and durability. They report experiencing restful nights and appreciate the mattress’s plushness, making it an excellent choice for those seeking relief from body pain.

Thickness Preferences

Some users prefer the option of thinner mattresses, suggesting that 6 or 4-inch variants would better suit their needs. This feedback underscores the importance of considering personal preferences when selecting a mattress.

Quality and Longevity

Users who have used the Wakefit Mattress for an extended period have commended its quality and durability. The mattress maintains its comfort and support, even with daily use, making it a reliable long-term investment.


The mattress’s affordability compared to its quality has garnered positive feedback. Users appreciate the premium materials, including latex and foam, and the added assurance of a 10-year warranty.

Reversible Design

The ability to use both sides of the mattress as needed has been well-received by users. This feature allows them to customize their sleeping experience and is considered a valuable addition to the mattress’s design.

Cover Concerns

While the mattress’s cover is breathable and comfortable, some users have expressed concerns about it sliding when seated on one side. This may be a minor inconvenience for some, but it’s important to consider individual experiences and preferences.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Wakefit Mattress is a compelling choice for those in search of a harmonious blend of comfort and support. Its unique combination of latex and memory foam caters to a wide range of sleep preferences, making it an attractive option for individuals who seek a balance between softness and support. The 7-zone design layer crafted from natural latex ensures proper spinal alignment, reducing the risk of discomfort and pain.

The availability of thickness options offers flexibility for users to select the best fit for their individual needs, and the 10-year warranty provides peace of mind regarding the mattress’s longevity. The reversible design adds to its versatility, allowing users to customize their sleeping experience.

While some users have mentioned minor concerns about the mattress cover, it’s important to note that individual experiences may vary. Overall, the Wakefit Mattress is a comfortable and affordable option that delivers on its promise of quality and support. Whether you’re looking to alleviate body pain or enhance your overall sleep quality, this mattress is worth considering for your next purchase. It exemplifies the importance of investing in a quality mattress to ensure that you wake up each day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the challenges of a new day.


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