Top 10 Bikini for Comfort and Style Amazon Special (2021)

The scorching, sweltering summer has arrived, and even though the temporary lockdown has prevented us all from hitting the beach, things are looking up! Come July and most places in the world are planning to open the travel and tourism sector. We assume you prepped yourself all through spring and now your perfectly fabulous body is ready to hit the beach! But wait, did you forget that you need the perfect bikini for that? We are here to help you find what suits you the most! After tremendous research and reviewing, we have compiled this list of top 10 bikini brands in India (2021) for your comfort and style. You can find all of them on

1. Mpitude

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Mpitude, first among the Top 10 Bikini Brands In India, is mainly an online brand that provides comfortable, sexy, and fashionable bikini wear. Most items are free size so they are created to fit all body types. Create the perfect holiday memories with your friends or your lover in a spicy bikini from Mpitude! Mpitude is the ultimate comfort beachwear provider, and pocket friendly too. Choose your wired /non-wired bikini, and feel good about yourself in these glamorous clothes.

Mpitude Top 10 Bikini Brands In India

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2. Amante

Amante, second among the Top 10 Bikini Brands In India, is a popular Indian lingerie brand that also sells bikinis and swimwear. Launched in October 2007, the idea behind these garments is to exude confidence, glamour, and sensuality. A perfect blend of fashion and comfort, it is your definite pick if you are looking for an exclusive design. Amante looks to find an emotional connection with every woman who wears them, and their objective is to help every woman discover her unfulfilled desires and be their own best version. Priced moderately, you can find various designs.

Amante Top 10 Bikini Brands In India

3. Shetalks

An online brand, Shetalks, third among the Top 10 Bikini Brands In India, offers bikini wear in various colours and styles. The brand is offering generous discounts currently; you can easily find whatever you like here. Look and feel loveable in Shetalks bikinis, whether you are in Goa or the Maldives! The brand keeps in mind that a bikini is essential to wear for every woman. Created with great love, especially for the little girl in you who always wants to be appreciated!

Shetalks Top 10 Bikini Brands In India

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4. Clovia

Now we have Clovia, the fourth among the Top 10 Bikini Brands In India. Founded in 2011, the women’s lingerie and swimwear brand have been there online since a time when there was not much else in the market. They constantly update their styles and collections, so check up every week! The makers believe, “Don’t just wear, experience!” The brand prides itself on being the fastest growing online lingerie and swimwear brand in India. Apart from their presence on Amazon, they also have their own app where you can shop to your heart’s content. Clovia believes in helping women find joy in the little things of life. Head over to the Amazon Clovia collection to find something amazing for yourself.

Clovia Top 10 Bikini Brands In India

5. Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer, the fifth among the Top 10 Bikini Brands In India, is a UK brand that can be found on Amazon. Known for its spectacular designs and great sizing, Marks and Spencer is for you if you are looking for something elitist and a class apart. Over the years, their designs have undergone a tremendous evolution as per the changing trends. Be sure to find something classy and unique every time over here! They never disappoint.

Marks and Spencer Buy From Amazon

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6. Calvin Klein

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Calvin Klein, the sixth among the Top 10 Bikini Brands In India, is a premium international brand that sells bikini wear on The best thing about this brand is their exclusive plus-size collection, so you curvy ladies can easily find something for yourself here. The CK logo marks the straps, and it automatically makes you noticeable, for the brand is a luxury buy in itself. Another thing that sets them apart is their eco-friendly manufacturing, with many designs marked as ‘sustainable’ for the same reason. Bralette, bandeau, triangle, and various other styles are available in this designer brand.

Calvin Klein Buy From Amazon

7. Beachalicious

Beachalicious bikinis, the seventh among the Top 10 Bikini Brands In India, are funky and fun. They come in bright colours and prints and have a very vivacious vibe to them. Most of the items are polyester or spandex, providing the soft, stretchy feel. The items are washable and don’t shed colour. A Beachalicius bikini is perfect for your next pool party or tropical vacation!

Beachalicious Buy From Amazon

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8. Nidhi Munim

An Indian swimwear and resort wear brand founded in 2012, the brand is to be found on various online shopping sites. Find your sexy, elegant, and definitive swimwear at Nidhi Munim, the eighth among the Top 10 Bikini Brands In India. Launched in 2014, the brand has featured designs in various fashion weeks and even movies. Prices are a little towards the higher side, but it’s the perfect beachwear if you are looking to splurge and be fabulous. Their unique selling point is the shapewear/underwire detailing so that the fit is perfect for every body type. The brand won the Times retail Icon of the year award in the year 2018 in the resort wear category.

Nidhi Munim Buy From Amazon

9. Prettysecrets

A great collection of swimwear here! Find the bikini that suits you at Prettysecrets, the ninth among the Top 10 Bikini Brands In India. The items are washable and come in standard sizes. Low maintenance, high comfort, fun colours and prints, available at the click of a button! You must at least check out this brand before deciding to buy anything.

PrettySecrets Buy From Amazon

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10. Forever 21

One of the most popular fashion brands in India, Forever 21, the tenth among the Top 10 Bikini Brands In India, has an excellent bikini collection. Quite reasonable in price, various sizes are available in every style imaginable. Forever 21 is for you if you are the everyday woman who wants to look extraordinary every once in a while!

Forever 21 Buy From Amazon

Every woman deserves to look and feel her best in a bikini. We understand the struggle to find the perfect design and fit, so we have made your online shopping a little bit easier by doing the research for you. Find what suits you best! All the above brands are available on All you have to do is hit search and check it all out! Remember, no matter what size, shape, or colour you are, you are desirable, and you deserve to look glamorous and sexy. Be summer ready with the ultimate bikini!

A Brief History of Bollywood Bikini Babes

Bollywood greatly influences the style of dressing and culture in India. Today bikinis are a common sight in every Bollywood movie. But it all started with the actress Sharmila Tagore in 1967 when she flaunted her curves in a blue bikini in the movie An Evening in Paris. Mumtaz in 1972 flaunted her curves in a black bikini in the movie Apradh. At that time it was a big deal because women in daily life would wear a saree to the beach, even being in one piece swimming costumes on a beach was something shameful! Mumtaz gracefully carried off the bikini and wowed the audience. Then Zeenat Aman took this sizzling trend forward by wearing a bikini in the movie Heera Panna in 1973 and Qurbani in 1980. She was the queen of her times and someone many women looked up to for the confidence she had onscreen.

Slowly many others came including Parveen Babi, Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, and by the 2000s, wearing a bikini was normalized in society. A special mention must be made of the iconic piece Priyanka Chopra wore in the movie Dostana that made news across the globe. Today it is more than just about the perfect bikini, but being able to flaunt what you have, as Alia did in Shaandaar and Deepika did in Cocktail. So, when are you buying your next bikini and following their lead?

The  COVID 19 health advisory may say stay home, we say stay home and lounge around in a bikini! So get one and brave the heat! Stay safe everyone!

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