How To Choose The Right Lingerie: A Guide To Size Measurement!!!!

The relationship we have with our “intimates” runs both sides of the spectrum. You either find the perfect one, or you end up with an unfortunate pair. Looking for the best bra or right lingerie seems experimental since we each have unique body features. The world is changing, and “intimates” are not so private as it used to be, with women coming forward with reviews and discussions about which one works best for a certain body type. But this article will provide you an essential part of that hunt by giving you tips and hacks for size measurement. 

A Quick Guide To Getting The Right Fit For Lingerie  

Pro Tip: It is ideal to get professionally fitted, especially since some stores offer free service. These professionals can also recommend sets you might like, which makes hunting for the right lingerie less challenging.  

We all know shopping in stores can be a challenge nowadays, so if you’re up for online lingerie shopping, this is the sizing guide for you. 

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Get a soft measuring tape and wrap it around the fullest part of your breasts.

Note: This is not the same as measuring for your bra.  


Wrap the soft measuring tape around the rib cage just below your breasts and ensure it isn’t too loose or tight. 

Right Lingerie


The waist is usually 1 to 2 inches above the navel and is where your skin creases when you bend towards the side. It is also possible for it to be slightly higher than the navel. 

High Hip

Wrap the measuring tape around the area of your hip where low-rise pants should be. It is on the upper part of the hip bones and is 4 inches below the natural waist. 

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Low Hip

Wrap the measuring tape on the widest part of your bottom, around 9 inches below the natural waist. You can identify this part by turning sideways in the mirror and measuring the part where your bottom protrudes most. 

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Why The Right Fit Matters: 5 Tips For Choosing Lingerie  

Unlike a normal wardrobe, you cannot just “alter” your intimates. They have to fit well to prevent sagging, discomfort, and skin irritation. The key then, to choosing the right lingerie is having the right fit.

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  • Choose the sets instead of individual pieces.  

Whether you’re a lingerie newbie or pro, it’s best to look for sets rather than individual pieces. This way, you have great options for your wardrobe. Some basics include a T-shirt bra, a lace demi, and a plunge bra. These sets are functional and practical. 

Avid lingerie lovers can go for playful sets complete with suspenders or sexy bottoms that don’t have to be entirely practical. 

  • Choose quality.  

We can’t stress this enough. Lingeries are a form of investment since they are functional and significantly affect your mental, emotional, and psychological state. The right lingerie is not only comfortable; it makes you feel sexy. 

  • Love the lingerie you’re in.  

You cannot wear lingerie that you don’t love enough. Choose sets that you absolutely adore before considering the preferences of a significant other. 

  • Care for your lingerie.  

Since these sets are a form of investment, it follows that they should be handled with care. It’s best to hand wash lingerie and leave them to dry on hangers designed for delicate fabrics. 

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  • Shop lingerie for different seasons.  

Much like our wardrobe, lingerie changes with the seasons. Some materials and styles are designed for a wardrobe that we are most likely to use during each season.


The right lingerie has everything to do with your sense of comfort and preference. And while trends and styles come and go, our love for self remains the same. The right lingerie continues to empower a woman who is already confident in her own skin.

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