Bra Panty Set: The best from Amante in India (2022)

Bra Panty Set

Be in your home or out; a comfortable and sexy bra panty set is a must. After all, if the inner garments do not perfectly fit well, they cannot totally flaunt your inner beauty. Moreover, they cannot even make you feel comfortable in every hustle and bustle of the day. So a perfect pair of bra and panties are a must for every woman.

MAS Holdings, South Asia’s largest intimate wear supplier, is the parent company of Amante. They take pride in maintaining this position for the last 30 years. So, in this blog, we will provide you with the reviews of all the best bra and panties being brought to you by Amante. They have a wide range of products for the women of Asia, and can perfectly understand their needs.

1. Light Padded Bra

It is a seamless bra with moulded cups, which will give you a great look. Composed of soft microfiber fabric, it is quite comfortable for the skin. Being invisible and it is perfect with T-shirts. It has a composition of 86% Polyamide and 14% Elastane, which is good. Though the product is good otherwise, sometimes they fail to provide the perfect size, which can make your fittings go terribly wrong. So keep this in mind while ordering the particular product. As per their suggestions, you should only hand wash them and avoid iron (obviously, who irons a bra ????).

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2. Amante Low Rise Cotton Panty

It is a pack of three bikini panties. There is no label on it, and thus it does not itch. It has got 95% cotton and is considered quite good. It is low rise and is useful particularly if you want to wear a low-waist outfit. Unfortunately, there is a no return policy on this product, and hence you cannot exchange if you mistakenly place the wrong order. To be on the safer side, I must mention that there are several complaints regarding the size. Sometimes girls get bigger sizes than their ordered product, and sometimes they get smaller ones. As a result, it does not fit well and fails to give you the expected results. Hand wash is recommended, and please do not iron it. 

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3. Padded Underwire Strapless

It is one of the best padded underwire and strapless bra, which I personally recommend to my audience. You will get detachable straps which are perfect in case of multiple wearing for different occasions. Fortunately, you will get a transparent strap too. This bra is perfect for your low neckline dresses, and will definitely make you look sexier. Composed with 79% Polyamide and 21% Elastane, this will definitely last longer. This product is returnable. Though there are relatively more happy customers for this product; but still it is advisable for ordering one size bigger for women who have got somewhat bigger breasts. One small tip! It may seem that it is sliding down, but no worries, it won’t.

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4. Low Rise Cotton Bikini Panty Pack

It is a very new product of Amante. Till now, buyers are relatively happy with it. Consisting of 5 pieces, it does not have a level stuck to it. As a result, you will have an itch-free experience with it. Since it is a low-rise panty, you can fit in well with any outfit of your choice. Being 95% cotton, I think it will be comfortable to wear. Again, it is advised to machine wash it and nothing else.

So this is in short and brief the different sexy bra panty sets you can get from Amante in India. With time, we will update you with more Amante products. Till then, take care.

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