Best Tattoo Designs for the Indian Women

In ancient India, girls used to ink tattoos on their bodies. Several gypsy tribes of India have tattoos on their skin. But in the recent past, there was a stigma regarding tattoos in our society. People used to consider a woman showcasing her tattoo as a promiscuous one. Recently the independent modern Indian women again started showcasing their tattoos without having any guilt feeling. That is why we jotted down several tattoo designs for independent Indian women.

1. Mandala Design

best tattoo designs
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The Mandala is the Tantric symbol of cosmic unity. Various Hindu and Buddhist scriptures have had braggart studies in Mandala. In my tattoo parlour in Silchar, we have several clients who had opted for this beautiful design. You can ink it on several parts of your body. But the ones on your thighs will definitely look sensuous. You can also opt for a tattoo on your wrist, back, etc.

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2. Sacred Heart Design

This design is one of the best for girls. We still remember Shefali Jariwala’s “Kaanta Laga” and her big heart-shaped tattoo on her arms.

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So if you are a 90’s kid, you will definitely remember this, and I am sure you will love this style to show case on your arm while you hop to your favourite nightclub.

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3. Personalized Tattoo Design

If you want to ink a permanent event of your life on your skin, you can go for this design so that time cannot permeate that. You can go for the mother-daughter designs, or you may ink your lover’s name. But before making a permanent tattoo of your lover’s name, make sure you never part ways. That is because I found many cases where my clients come to me to change the tattoo they had after a rough breakup.

So, these are some of the best tattoo designs for inking on your skin. Go for it and flaunt it. Trust me; that will be the best feeling you will have after getting the tattoo.

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