Best Bikini trimmers for your bikini line (2022)

Covid-19 destroyed your beach-hopping scene in 2020. But it seems that it will finally be over as several vaccines are out in the market. So, there is a high probability that you can resume your short visits to the swimming pool or plan a vacation in any of the exotic beach destinations across the globe. But before that, you have to be assured of your clean pubic region such that it does not push you to an awkward situation. So I made a list of best bikini trimmers which we think will be immensely beneficial for you. I hope you like it.

1. Philips Bikini Trimmers

Philips is one of the best brands for trimming your bikini line. You can even use it for your entire vaginal area. It is useful for both dry and wet skin and comes with a trimming range of 0.5 – 10 mm. You can also adjust the trimming head so that it cuts up to 3 mm in length. After that, there are two heads, such as mini shaving heads and bikini trimming heads. Mini shaving heads can beautifully bare the skin, whereas the “bikini trimming” heads can keep up to 0.5 mm. The battery run time is about 30 mins, and you will get a 2-year warranty with this product. Remember, this product does not remove hair from the roots.

Though they mentioned that it is useful for all purposes but from the hygiene point of view, I think we should not use it for other parts of the body such as facial hair, eyebrows, etc.
You can also avail the discreet packing for this.
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Best bikini trimmers

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2. Veet Bikini Trimmers

 As claimed by the brand, this product is multi-purpose, catering to your various needs. You can use it for your face, underarm, and bikini line. It is waterproof, and so you can use it in your shower. They even included a small pink pouch for easy travel. You can use it for your dry as well as wet skin. Though you cannot get smooth skin like waxing, the best part is that you can get the best without letting the instrument touch your skin. 

For using it to shape your eyebrows or facial hair removal, you can use the 2-Sided Inclinable Precision Head along with the comb attachment. To use it on your underarm or for the bikini line, you can use the Bikini Head with comb attachments. For trimming your bikini line, you have two options- 2mm and 4mm. They have provided a cap that cannot be used for anything but bikini-line. For trimming the bikini line, at first trim it with the cap being put on and then eventually trim by removing the cap.

Best bikini trimmers

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3. Braun Bikini Trimmers

This is one of the best trimmers available in the market as of now. Braun is my personal favorite. It is cordless, and we can use it for both wet and dry skin. This product can be used both for trimming and epilating. It comes with an AAA battery, and critics are happy with its battery performance. Though some say that it pains but as far my experience goes, it does not cause pain that much. You can get eight extra accessories viz.- a facial cap, a trimmer cap, an efficiency cap, a high-frequency massage cap, a sensitive area cap, a shaver head, and a high-frequency massage cap with it. The manufacturers claim that the smooth skin lasts up to 4 weeks.

It is the best for sensitive skin like mine, and some users may find it equivalent to waxing. I scrub well and prefer to apply warm water before using it. Afterward, I apply Aloe Vera on the spot for the best results.

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Best bikini trimmers Braun

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4. Lifelong

This brand comes with a bikini trimmer, an eyebrow hair trimmer, and a body hair shaver, having runtimes of 60 minutes, 60 minutes, and 45 minutes, respectively. They claim that the device has improved and you can use it without a cord for about 1 hour. As far as bikini trimmer is concerned, the length without comb is about 0.3 mm. and with the comb is about 0.5 mm. For eyebrow trimming, the length with the comb is about 2 mm. and 4 mm. and the same without the comb is about 0.2 mm. The length of the body hair shaving instrument is about 0.1 mm. You can use it for both dry and wet skin. It is compact, and it is suitable for long-distance travel. They have a 1-year brand warranty from the date of purchase. Though they have a customer help center, it seems that buyers are not satisfied with their service.

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5. Havells

Though Havells is a great brand, I think this product of theirs needs a good amount of modification. It has got hyperallergic blades that can take care of your sensitive skin, and it has an ergonomic design that is nothing but a soft rubberized grip. You can use it for both dry and wet skin. It has IPX 4 technology which prevents its damages from splashes of water. It is 1.5VAA battery-operated, and so there is no need to charge it from time to time.

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Several complaints have come up that after using it two to three times, it practically becomes useless. It has a guarantee of two years- you will need this vital info!!!! To view other products from Havells, kindly click on the tab below.

Best bikini trimmers

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Bikini Trimmers: Conclusion

This is, in short, and brief the best bikini trimmers found online in India. As we discover more, we shall be updating the blog. Kindly check our other blogs to read our articles on various other products.

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